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Weight Loss

The Basics of Belly Fat & How to Get Rid of It

None of us want to have fat accumulation around the belly and lower abdomen. But, on the contrary, very few of us actually want to know why many amongst of us stores all their fat around their middle portion.

Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic, an expert and acclaimed dietician has ...

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5 Ways to Bust through a Weight-Loss Plateau

For any dieter, weight loss or diet plateau is one big nemesis. At this point almost all who has been following a diet or a plan religiously gets frustrated and abandon all their efforts. Reaching weight loss plateau is a common consequence that many reach during their aggressive measures to ...

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Gluten Free Diet 5 Foods to Avoid and Eat For Weight Loss

Staying healthy is perhaps the most talked about subject of recent times. As there are wide swath of opinions on the subject, there are wide spread of different special diet too. The negative symptoms on health duet to the consumption of certain foods is another big challenge of recent times ...

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How to Reduce Side Fat from Top Exercises and Diet?

Weight loss or fat loss is a process that critically involves and revolves around two things – perform fat burning exercises and eat healthy and a balanced diet. Although they have been given the cutest of names, there is nothing cute about the side handles or what we call love ...

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Why Men Lose Weight easily Than Women?

We all can lose weight, but some are lucky who lose weight faster than others. There are multiple factors that determines the pace at which one loses weight, as similar to the fact that men does it faster than women. According to expert and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat, the founder ...

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