Weight Gain

5 Easy ways to improve bone strength

Alike any other organs and parts of the body, bones are also equally important and perhaps it is the frame in which the entire body rests. But, do you really know that bones are always changing? Yes, it is true, everyday some bone cells die and some are born. Right ...

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5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Are Making

Weight Loss is one of the most common goals that many of us pursue. The fact is that it is perhaps the biggest effort that people make in terms of its volume – number of people involved. At the same time there are en numbers of confusions on the ways ...

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How to Gain Weight by Changing what you Eat?

While there are many amongst us who have been struggling to put on weight. Although this is a problem for the minority, yet have many health issues that are related with being underweight. There could be a lot of factors like genetics or prolonged medications that may be one of ...

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