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How a Vegan Diet Can Contain the Maximum Amount of Protein.

Active human life is making us tired. The cause of staying constantly tired is the hard running lifestyle. We get up early in the morning, without paying any uninterrupted attention to our breakfast we set out to achieve our work target every single day. As per some best dietitians in ...

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Why is Nutrition for Each Age Group Different?

Although we don't want obese children, the nutritional needs of adults and children are different. As the dietary needs of an Everest climber differ from the dietary needs of a marathon runner. And in turn, differ from the nutritional needs of a sedentary adult. Both adults and children should ...

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Why One Should Never Skip a Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the essential meal of the day. But with a fast-paced lifestyle, one must always avoid ways not to have breakfast. We often tend to ignore the fact that breakfast is the essential food of our entire day. But since we are in a hurry every time ...

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Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Oats

Oat is a type of cereal grain which has find its position in an everyday breakfast meal. One must have heard the sentence which goes by that a deep bowl of breakfast every day sticks to your ribs. But is there anyone who tried to deduce the condition practically. The ...

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How Climate Change Is Making Poison Ivy More Toxic

With the issues of climate change and the effect it has on the environment, carbon dioxide levels have risen immensely. Carbon dioxide is necessary for plant growth, apart from feeding the plants; it also alters the toxic properties. In a recent study conducted on Poison Ivy, it has been found ...

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