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Can High-Fat Diets Help You Lose Weight fast?

We all have some misconception of fats. We consider fats are not good for health and are the prime reason behind weight gain and other health issues. As a reason many weight loss aspirants opt for low-fat diets for their purpose.

But do you actually know that you can be ...

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How to Optimize Your Metabolism with Healthy Diet?

Metabolism – is one of the most crucial, continuous and mandatory process that happens in every human body. The health of our body is directly proportional to our metabolism. The calories that we consume to perform all activities like breathing, respiration and others are all metabolism. Hence, the better is ...

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7 Summer Fruits That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

Whether you agree to it or not, summer is still the best season to enjoy and holiday around. When we say so, we must say that it is the best times for warm weather, beaches, parades, barbecues, and the best of all - great seasonal fruits!!

Summers offers a lot of ...

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5 Tips for Running in the Summer / Winter

The preference of weather is absolutely personal and geographically conditioned. Places where summers are intense, people prefer going out for running during the winter as they can go a mile extra and then cool down with a galls of water and vice versa for people living in winter places.

But ...

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Why a Diet without Grains or Sugar is effective?

You have so many options with diets these days depending on what you need, what are your requirements and goals and on your physical and health conditions. One such diet amongst the many that is making waves these days is the diet without grains and sugar.

At Diet Clinic, the ...

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