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Norwegian Accreditation Certificate

Norwegian Accreditation (NA) is the Norwegian body for accreditation of certification bodies, inspection bodies, laboratories & sampling organizations, EU ETS verifiers and environmental verifiers. Accreditation means assessing the performance and technical competence of a body in public interest. Accreditation has a number benefits as the organization evaluates the performance of quality of the goods and services delivered by the business entity assessed.

Diet Clinic proudly claims that we have been accredited by this prestigious organization because of our best in class services and quality of assistance we provide to our clients. Norwegian Accreditation has issued Diet Clinic Pvt. Ltd. a registration certificate for our excellence and Quality management ISO 9001:2008 for providing consultancy for weight loss, therapeutic diets and body fitness.

We have been honored many times by number of prestigious institutions for our dedicated and successful efforts in the field of weight loss, but we believe that our real achievement is our sound clientage base which swears by our name. We have successfully counseled more than 1,00,000 clients in past 11 years of our operation. With the blessing of our clients, we are prospecting to move forward on our path for obliteration of obesity.