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Global Achivers Forum Rajiv And Sheela Seharawat

Rajiv Seharawat and Sheela Seharawat are very dedicated to wellness and in improving the life of others through diet. This endeavor started in 2006 in the name of diet clinic that at present have 30 clinic centers in different cities of India.

Now their name is very well-known and you can find them in major magazines of India and on blogging sites of several reputed companies. It is nothing but their hard effort and confidence in their team that they are a name amongst the achievers and business leaders.

This year the Global Achievers Forum has selected Rajiv Seharawat and Sheela Seharawat name and announce them on their platform as one of the achievers, super -achievers and business leaders in their respective field of diet and wellness.

GAF is a Ludhyana based platform to acknowledge efforts of professionals and entrepreneurs, who matter the most in the growth and development of a society.

GAF is seeing people from different backgrounds who put their hard effort in changing life of others as a businessman and independent thinker. Rajiv Seharawat as a wellness coach has certainly touched a milestone by coaching individuals and corporates.

The GFA on their glamorous event attracts the best of the best across the nation and it has started a forum for recognizing and showing their respect to the achievers.