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Best Slimming Center Gurgaon 2012

‘Branding Academy’ is a famous market analyst and business recognition organization that recognizes business entities which has achieved remarkable success in their respective fields of business. They exhibit the rewarded firms to excellent business opportunities and media platforms.

Diet Clinic has been honored by ‘Brands Academy’ as ‘Best Slimming Center in Gurgaon’ for its path breaking success and achievement in the field of food and nutrition. Diet Clinic has treated more than 1,00,000 clients in past 11 years of operation and we have a sound base of satisfied clients. We have around 24 successfully operational branches all over the India and our network is expanding continuously. We have a fantastic success rate of more than 95% and clients can achieve sufficient success even with a follow up of 70% follow up of our diet plans.

Diet Clinic is providing wellness diets plans capable of weight loss and many people have taken benefit of our wellness plans. Our dieticians plan the diets of the clients after a thorough discussion with client about their lifestyle, medical history, eating habits etc.  We prepare diet plan of 3 to 4 days and observe the natural effect of the diets over the body of the client and plan the further diets on the basis of the response of the body. A client has to visit twice a week for getting his diet plan and our dieticians devote ample time to the clients for better understanding each case.

Our diets are fully loaded with the nutritional goodness and we do not suggest any medication, exercise and equipments for weight loss. Only with the proper follow up of our diets, people have lost tons of kilos. Our success and achievement has categorized us as the ‘Best Slimming Center in Gurgaon’.