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Navratra Diet Plan


₹ 2500

Navratra Cleansing Diet Plan Navratra Diet Plan

Ditiecian Sheela Sehrawat and her expert team has prepared special diet plan for each day of Navratri, so that your health remains stable and well during the celebration of nine days festival.

To celebrate the diverse culture of India, we have multifarious festivals in our tradition. Navratri is one of the most celebrated festivals of Indian Culture and a huge number of people celebrate it to express their devotion to deity Durga and its various forms. On each day of the nine days, one form of Maa Durga is worshipped.  People undergo fasting during these days but under devotion they forget about their health and undergo starvation. After the end of the festival, it is seen that they take unwanted and unhealthy foods which cause long term harm to the body and may cause obesity too. Diet Clinic presents you the opportunity to take healthy diets during the fasting days, so that you may maintain your health and fast together.