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Keto Diet 30 Days


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Healthy Keto Diet Plan Keto Diet 30 Days

For the best diet to rapidly burn fat using the body's natural metabolism, consider a Ketogenic diet plan. Nutrition has the strongest effect on the body's production of important hormones, which regulates metabolism and allows the body to burn fat for energy and retain muscle mass, with little need for excessive exercise.

Ketogenic diets generally restrict the intake of carbohydrate foods thereby inducing a state known as ketosis in an effort to stimulate quick weight reduction. Then, how safe and effective are most of these diet programs notwithstanding their rising attractiveness?

We provide you the best keto diet plan with dynamic results. You will get the effective results immediately. If you have decided to lose weight this time, then you might want to consider the Ketogenic diet. The diet has been around for a long time and was once used to treat patients with epileptic or seizure problems, especially among young kids.

Get the best diet plan today to lead a healthy life. Everyone wishes to look young and vibrant and keto diet is the ultimate way to accomplish your health related issues and make you healthy and energetic.

How It Works:

It starts with filling the form. The same can be filled by downloading from our website or through our mobile application or in person at the clinic. The filled in form helps us understand your dietary needs, physical conditions and medical history (if any).

The next step follows with meeting / chat conversation / telephonic conversation with a Diet Clinic Dietitian or Nutritionist. She discussed about your present conditions and analyses it with your record for further assessment.  

On analyzing your lifestyle and other details, we will chalk out a diet plan (that suits you the best) and will provide you with 3-4 days plan. You are required to give us feedback on the plan and report on weight loss on your next visit to the clinic (as per appointment). Details of your progress can also be shared online via chat or video call with your respective Dietitian. You can truly rely on us as we have best Dietitian / Nutritionist in Delhi, India.

How long the treatment takes and what can you expect?

Weight loss is a long-term proposition, where in, the diet plans are meticulously planned as per your need and hence, every plan is unique and fresh. At one time, we give 3-4 days diet plan and you can expect to lose 1/2 to 1 kilo per week based upon your metabolism. Every week, we plan the diet after consulting you and considering your feedback.  Overall, you can expect to lose 3-5 kg and few inches in 30 days’ time. You can choose a plan best for you as per your weight loss and therapeutic needs/ targets. We suggest options for you, from which you can pick that best suits you.

OUR USP: Unlike other diet programs

1) We will be providing/ uploading 3-4 days diet charts at a time.  

2) We will be sending healthy and easy to prepare recipes too. (You can get it from our diet cookbook or from the recipe section on the mobile app and website).  

3) There will be no crash diets.

4) Diet plans are based upon your BMR.

5) Our dietitian is available on chat, call or video chat from 9 am -6 pm IST, late hours on request only by booking prior appointments through our app.