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Blood Pressure Diet


30 Days/ 3999 INR.

blood pressure Diet plans Blood Pressure Diet

Blood Pressure, also known as hypertension, has been a common and serious health condition of the modern world. This common and chronic illness can be termed as a lifestyle disease and is directly related to what we eat and drink – as it in turn effects our heart and thereby our blood pressure. Both Low blood pressure and High blood pressure needs proper healthy diet plan to cure.

At Diet Clinic, Dietitian and Founder Sheela Seharawat, strongly recommends to immediately making changes in your lifestyle and diet.

She recommends that with Diet Clinic’s blood pressure friendly diet, it can help you live a life without the worries of hypertension and even avoid the intake of medicines for the same. The carefully crafted diet plan recommends you to eat less trans fat, fat, added sugar, salt (sodium) and cholesterol and focusses on heart healthy foods that’s low in such contents and rich in nutrients, proteins and fibers.

Grab the opportunity with Diet Clinic this season and live a life that’s heart healthy and full of vigor and vitality.