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Weight Loss

Gluten Free Diet 5 Foods to Avoid and Eat For Weight Loss

Staying healthy is perhaps the most talked about subject of recent times. As there are wide swath of opinions on the subject, there are wide spread of different special diet too. The negative symptoms on health duet to the consumption of certain foods is another big challenge of recent times ...

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New Mom’s Guide to Losing Baby Weight

It is not that every women who give birth to a baby gains the same amount of pregnancy weight as others. It has also been observed that many who gain weight during pregnancy goes back to their normal pre-pregnancy weight as soon as they have their delivery. But, there are ...

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7 ways to lose body fat

Who doesn't want to look lean and slim whether you are working in the office and looking to go out with your friends you always want to look fit and lean. It is easy to lose weight if you have a systematic scheme and know your body well. As per the ...

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What to do when your weight loss has plateaued?

When you join any weight loss program, achieving success could be overwhelming to achieve positive results for the first few weeks. Then suddenly you discover the scale isn’t dropping any further and stuck at one place, despite of all your honest efforts. It is a situation that is commonly known ...

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Yoga for Weight Loss: 10 Best Exercises

Yoga, the ancient form of physical and mental discipline, has long been used successfully by millions of people across the globe for weight loss and other health benefits. There are vast number of weight loss programs available in the market and even people spends money consulting experts for the purpose ...

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