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Top 5 Vegetables That Are Nutritious When Eaten Raw

Eating raw plant food is becoming more and more popular in the health and fitness circuit. Eating raw food has many advantages and disadvantages as well. Eating foods raw is not something new, as our ancestors have been doing so, since ages. In simple understanding, raw foods are those foods ...

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10 Best Foods to Improve Digestion

Digestive health is a common cause of concern for many of us. The digestive process of the human body is a carefully and intricately created system of several processes that starts from breaking down the foods we eat, unlocking the various nutrients in them – proteins, calories, fats, vitamins, and ...

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Top 5 Foods That Help With Muscle Cramps

Muscular cramps – a painful and involuntary contraction of the muscles is something that occurs with many of us and happens all of a sudden out of the blue. You may be in between an activity like biking, running, swimming or even sleeping in the middle of the night, when ...

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How To Get The Maximum Amount Of Protein From A Vegan Diet

Raw foods and vegan diets have enormous health benefits ranging from weight loss to proper mental health. Though the vegan diet is a craze these days as many celebrities, sportsperson and others have started adopting a vegan lifestyle, there are always certain risks attached to it and one of the ...

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How To Improve The Immune System With Nutrition

Do you know how o improve the Immune System With Nutrition? Well, the answer is "Proper nutrition" Eating right is important than eating anything because the immune system are very closely linked to aspects of a human body. It plays a significant role and even a moderate to marginal undernourishment ...

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