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Over 40? You’ll want to Do These 5 Exercises Every Week

Doing regular exercises can really make things go well for you. It not only improves your overall function of the body but helps you to have the right metabolism with a sound mind.  Now as we tend to approach to a certain age one must choose exercises that can ...

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7 Best Full Body Workout Routine At Home And Gym

A full body workout to lose weight and built muscles is just perfect for everyone from beginners, people who are starting after a period of inactivity and also for body builders. Full body workouts are some of the best types of workouts that can be used or applied to the ...

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Why Men Lose Weight easily Than Women?

We all can lose weight, but some are lucky who lose weight faster than others. There are multiple factors that determines the pace at which one loses weight, as similar to the fact that men does it faster than women. According to expert and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat, the founder ...

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Chia Seeds: Health Benefits and Positive Effects

The body needs nutrients to stay fit and healthy and there are numerous ways of getting these valuable nutrients in the body. One such food is the Chia seeds. Originally grown in Mexico, but due to its popularity in providing great health benefits to the body, they are now being ...

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How to Optimize Your Metabolism with Healthy Diet?

Metabolism – is one of the most crucial, continuous and mandatory process that happens in every human body. The health of our body is directly proportional to our metabolism. The calories that we consume to perform all activities like breathing, respiration and others are all metabolism. Hence, the better is ...

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