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How to be prepared for this hot summer?

Summers!! Getting ready and prepared for the season, could be quite cumbersome. Change in clothing, new foods and new diet, new set of timings and what not. Many find it difficult to adopt to the changes and struggles keeping pace with this seasonal transition and the potential health risks associated ...

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Navratra - Fasting the Healthy Way

The Navratras are an auspicious festival of the Hindus, dedicated to the goddess of power – Durga. In totality there are four Navratras in a year, but two – the Chaitra and the Sharada, are observed with much devotion and rituals. Fasting during these nine days (as navratra means) is ...

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Hypothyroidism – a medical condition that is caused by the inability of the thyroid gland of the body to synthesize the amount of hormones needed. It is basically a hormone disorder disease and every step taken towards its prevention and cure should yield results. One of the most natural and ...

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Stay Fit By Having A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you are really concern about your health and fitness. Many of us know that we should eat breakfast, but do not know how harmful it could be to our health if we are skipping it, such as vertigo. What is ...

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Tips To Get Rid Of Obesity By Proper Diet

Obesity is becoming a large scale health related problem faced by many worldwide. The accumulation of unwanted fats in the body poses numerous threats to the human body affecting core body systems like the cardiovascular mechanism, respiratory organs, the digestive system and also the reproductive system. Perhaps, the biggest problem ...

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