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Why Men Lose Weight easily Than Women?

Why Men Lose Weight easily Than Women
Why Men Lose Weight easily Than Women?

We all can lose weight, but some are lucky who lose weight faster than others. There are multiple factors that determines the pace at which one loses weight, as similar to the fact that men does it faster than women. According to expert and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat, the founder and mentor of Diet Clinic, most of the ability for men to lose weight faster than women mainly reflects ion their physiology. She also says that the makeup of our bodies has a distinct role to play in weight loss. The body structure of men have more muscle mass, whereas, women on the other hand naturally have more fat than muscles.

This natural and more body fat is because women need more of fat to sustain during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And on the other hand, since men have more muscle mass, they are able to consume more calories and still stay leaner than women.

The difference in weight gain in men and women

Men having more muscle mass and able to consume more calories without putting on weight, does not means that they never gain weight. But the difference is that they do not do as easily as women do. This also does not means that women cannot or have difficulties in losing weight.

Men in general accumulate weight around their midsection, whereas, women does so in and around their thighs, hips and lower abdominal area. Another quite evident reason why men lose weight easily than women lies in their diet and dieting.

Men takes up dieting as their way to lose weight lesser than women do. All these so called weight loss diets for female actually are unprecedented and unhealthy. It diminishes the chances losing weight and maintain an ideal one. These diets preach starvation as the best way to lose weight. And this is one of the most dangerous and negative thing in any weight loss diet.

Men on the flip side, prefers more or exercising as their best way to lose weight than women. They focus more on cutting calories from their diet rather than taking up an entire dietary regime. This combination works wonders – lesser calories and burning more. The mantra for any weight loss program.

Let’s look at some of the most obvious difference in men and women that affects weight gain and loss.

  • Muscle Mass: As we by now know that men have more muscle mass than women, it is obvious that it helps men burn more calories than women. This makes it easier for men to lose weight faster and easily than women. As women have lesser muscle they eat lesser than men and have slower metabolism as compared to men. This metabolism is even further slower after the age of 40. The fear of bulking up and avoids going to the gym.

Normal exercises is important for everyone. You do not have to visit the gym to do so, just plain simple daily exercise routine can do the job. And, it is much more important after attaining the age of 40 years.


  • Problematic foods are much more difficult for women to sacrifice than men: Many studies conducted on this subject have confirmed that women find it more difficult to get rid of problematic foods than men do. Their mind send signals of having the same time and again, even they try their level best to suppress their cravings for such foods. Whereas, in men, their brain activity declines the same problematic food which they want to suppress and control. This clearly indicates that women do have more inclination towards their favorite foods more than men do and this makes it more difficult for them to lose weight.

It all goes down to the basics of good eating. Get something from all the major food groups: grains, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products and meats, fish and alternatives. Try to avoid fats and sugar as they might provide you with some of the essential nutrients your body requires, but will give you more calories.

Eating something of each food group each day will fill you up quicker, but you'll be filled up with healthy foods. When combining this diet with certain amount of exercises, you'll find losing weight and keeping it off, you may suddenly become much easy.

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