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Why a Diet without Grains or Sugar is effective?

Why a Diet without Grains or Sugar is effective?
Why a Diet without Grains or Sugar is effective?

You have so many options with diets these days depending on what you need, what are your requirements and goals and on your physical and health conditions. One such diet amongst the many that is making waves these days is the diet without grains and sugar.

At Diet Clinic, the best dietitian in Delhi, dietician Sheela Seharawat says that having a diet without grains and sugar could seem to be a challenge in the beginning, but looking at its many benefits it is worth the effect.

The grains and sugar in food in food are converted into glucose during the digestive process and make our blood sugar levels to rise and further propagates our pancreas t release insulin. This insulin makes the fatty cells in our body to store glucose as a natural process to lower the blood sugar levels, and this finally gets converted into fat and thereby, excessive fat and weight gain. So, by eliminating grains and sugar from our diet will skip this entire process.

Why Grain Free in Details?

It is rightly said – remove grains, remove your belly. Just by removing wheat from our diet, it immediately puts a stop on eating any type of processed foods like biscuits, cakes, pastas, rice etc. This further reduces the carb intake of our diet, reduces insulin levels, and stops a leaky gut.

Modern day wheat and grains are genetically altered to provide processed manufacturers the highest yield at the lowest cost; subsequently, this benign grains are nutritionally empty in its ingredient which causes blood sugar to spike faster than even eating pure table sugar and has additives that cause overeating, hunger and fatigue.

So by just removing wheat and grains, we remove the biggest source of carbohydrates and processed foods completely from our diet. Eliminating wheat and grains is a very effective way towards fast weight loss, lowering blood sugar and control of appetite.

Why Sugar-Free in Details?

It hardly makes any difference that whether it is a sweet carbonated drink, sweets from the shelves, table sugar or any complex carbohydrate food like rice, pasta potatoes or wholegrain bread. When we eat any type of carbohydrate it is converted by the body into glucose which stimulates insulin to be released. Honey, raw sugar, fruit etc., all raise our blood glucose levels equally as processed sugars. It does not matter that if it is ‘natural’ or ‘processed’.

By maintaining lower blood sugar levels, we also require lower insulin levels. Insulin is the major regulator of our metabolism and by controlling insulin we stop fat from being stored, lose weight, allow fat to be utilized as fuel, improve our blood lipid profile, increased energy, reduce hunger, reduce risk of developing diabetes, and most importantly reduce inflammation that leads to various serious diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and cancers.

Make sure that you always go for nutrient dense, real and whole food like berries, non-starchy vegetables etc. Choose complex colourful carbs whenever possible. They are absorbed slower and are packed with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. Eat a rainbow of foods!

Things to consider with grain free diet:

In fact, whole grains supports good health. Studies have found that, in people who do not have celiac or gluten sensitivity, whole wheat diets:

  • It helps reduce inflammation.
  • Are associated with much lower overall death rates.
  • Are associated with less heart diseases.
  • Could help prevent and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Are connected with lower heart disease risk and less weight gain.

Getting rid of grains can, in some cases, help curb food addiction, improve mental health, decrease your risk of heart disease and treat symptoms associated with leaky gut.

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