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Top 5 Vegetables That Are Nutritious When Eaten Raw

Top 5 Vegetables That Are Nutritious When Eaten Raw
Top 5 Vegetables That Are Nutritious When Eaten Raw

Eating raw plant food is becoming more and more popular in the health and fitness circuit. Eating raw food has many advantages and disadvantages as well. Eating foods raw is not something new, as our ancestors have been doing so, since ages. In simple understanding, raw foods are those foods that are consumed unprocessed or uncooked. They are eaten in their natural state. We all have eaten or eat raw foods like fresh fruits and garden green salads. These are all raw plant-based foods and are preferred eaten raw.

Health specialist, dietician, and weight loss expert with Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat says, foods in their natural state are full of active enzymes and it is why foods in their natural state are often referred to as 'living food'. These enzymes are natural compounds that are found in fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables in their raw form that aids the body's digestive process. When we cook food and especially in higher temperatures, these naturally occurring enzymes in the foods get destroyed.

What are the benefits of eating raw vegetables?

Well! Straight away you can say that eating raw will save a lot of time, but the advantages of eating raw go well beyond just saving time:

  • You get more nutrition: Raw vegetables and fruits have more nutritional content than the cooked version because as discussed earlier, cooking removes the nutrients from foods. Raw vegetables contain more enzymes and microorganisms that improve digestion than the cooked ones.
  • Raw foods are low in fat: While getting vegetables and other foods cooked, there are full chances that it will gather harmful additives and trans-fats from the cooking medium. Vegetables and fruits and other raw foods are free of any added chemicals, colors, additives, and flavoring and are left as it is in their natural state. They will never carry high amounts of salt, sugar, empty calories, and saturated fats.
  • It is the best weapon for weight loss: Raw vegetables have hardly any calories in their natural state and the enzymes in them speed up digestion and aids in weight loss. It helps burn body fat.
  • Helps in decreasing the chances of developing deadly diseases: Raw food like vegetables, fruits and seeds contain micronutrients like phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants along with ]macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Since it's uncooked, all the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the food are preserved in them. It is perhaps the best way to provide optimal nourishment to our bodies. This helps to decrease the risk of many diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.

What are the top five vegetables to be eaten raw?

Usually cooking food and then consuming is a good idea, as heat breaks down the walls of their cells, releasing the antioxidants in them. But, there are many vegetables whose unique properties and potentials get destroyed when cooked.

Here is a list of top five vegetables which are more nutritious when eaten raw:


  1. Onions

Onions do make us cry and there are reasons behind the same. Onions have high amounts of sulfur compounds along with having a good proportion of cancer-fighting antioxidants, present in this juice. Eating onions raw can certainly help in protecting us from certain forms of cancers like those of the lungs and prostate. The only thing we all need to take care of is its strong and pungent smell that comes from the mouth after eating it raw. Make sure you brush your teeth afterward.


  1. Broccoli

Apart from having high contents of vitamin C, broccoli has potent anti-cancer properties. Just a small cup of broccoli is enough to supply our daily need for vitamin C. Along with these two qualities, broccoli is also a potent source of indole-3-carbinol, a chemical that boosts DNA repair in cells and may stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. Of all the cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has the highest quantity of carotenoids present in them that may help us protect from certain cancers like renal and lung cancers.


  1. Red Bell Peppers

Just an ordinary medium-sized red bell pepper has only about 32 calories and packed with tons of vitamin C—about 150% of our daily recommended value—which can break down if cooked in high temperatures. Red peppers are best known to ward off atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart diseases and other heart problems.


  1. Cabbage

More than just to its possible cancer-fighting properties, cabbages are an excellent source of vitamins C and K, containing more than 20 percent of the daily value for each per regular serving? Cabbage has also been used throughout history as an herbal remedy in many civilizations. The Greeks used it as a laxative, while ancient Roman noblemen recommended eating cabbage to cure hangovers. For a delicious raw cabbage dish, simply chop it up and toss it with lemon, garlic and olive oil. Fermented cabbage is an excellent probiotic food that is great for our gut health like Sauerkraut.


  1. Kale

While kale has become more of a fashionable vegetable in recent times, but in ancient times, it was one of the most common green vegetables around. More than its cancer-fighting properties, kale is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, beta carotene and calcium. The veggie is often recommended to overcome the risks of breast cancers in women before their menopause and also to fight the risk of age-related muscular degeneration. Enjoy some delicious and easy kale salad by chopping it up and mixing the leaves with olive oil and tossing them up is a little lemon juice and black pepper. You can even use it as a simple leafy green in your favorite burger.

The majority of the medical disorders in today's time are because of diets and foods. A wide range of certain common problems and medical disorders from simple acne to obesity can be overcome by eating raw foods and vegetables. Raw foods can help us achieve a healthy body, get us clearer skin with plenty of energy.

Eating a wide variety of raw foods like fruits and vegetables can also help our body feel more satisfied with a lesser amount of food as the nutrients in raw foods are very well balanced. There would be no need to eat extra.  Just by simply eating raw foods, we can enjoy tasty and guiltless meals that can satisfy our appetite and still make us lose weight quickly and heal nicely.

Eating raw plant food also means getting all the necessary nutrients our body needs to maintain luster, vigor, and vitality. It will allow our digestive system to cleanse itself, heal and rebuilt. Best Healthy Food Deals Eating raw food and drinking fresh juices of vegetables and fruits allows sufficient absorption of valuable nutrients directly into the bloodstream, making us healthy, fit and youthful.