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Top 10 Foods to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

Top 10 Foods to avoid when you are trying to lose weight
Top 10 Foods to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

No one is very excited and happy being overweight. Yet after constant endeavors and efforts and going through all the ups and downs of dieting, most people think that being heavy and large is what nature has decided for them.

Expert dietician and weight loss specialist, Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic have to say that the effective remedies of obesity and overweight is not only what they should eat, but is also about what you shouldn't. A lot happens with whatever we put inside our mouth. Every different element in every food we pick to eat reacts differently with our bodies. To lose weight, you have to do more than just eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The biggest irony in more and more people turning obese and suffering from related health problems is because the worst foods always seem to be the most delicious foods we could ever relish. Noted below is a list of top ten foods that we must avoid if we are serious about losing weight and in a healthy manner.

  1.  Frozen foods

To make food items last longer in your freezer manufactures add a natural preservative – sodium into the food items. Sodium can retain water making you bloated and as a result, you don't look like losing any weight, in spite of the number of efforts you make. These foods are also squeezed in with loads of calories to make you full by tricking your brain. They are less satisfying even though they contain loads of calories.

  1. French fries

It is one food that has all the elements of destroying all your weight loss efforts - unhealthy fats, sodium or salt, and calories.  All the most when you buy your fries at fast food joints and restaurants, it is deep-fried and this method more of salt and unhealthy fats to it, making it more dangerous. They also have zero fiber and protein value that is much needed for weight loss.

  1. Pasta and bread made of refined flour

Refined flour used to make bread and pasta contains a high amount of calories and refined carbohydrates and no fiber or proteins and other valuable nutrients. The refining process of flour rips the grains of its bran and other valuable nutrients making it of almost zero nutrition value. Instead, opt for whole wheat options that are readily available in the market and are much healthier like whole-wheat bread and pasta.

  1.  So-called high fiber snack bars

We all need fiber to lose weight and keep the system active and working good. It is also a great option when we are replacing calories as it slow-digesting foods and keeps us fuller for longer. But what we do not need is all the fiber of a day in one bar. The intake of fiber has to be from various sources and consistent throughout the day through the various meals we eat. It helps our digestive system working fine, keeps us full and above all helps in weight loss. Moreover, most of these bars are loaded with added sugar to make it taste sweet and tasty.

  1. Sugary fruit juices and packaged health beverages

It is good to have fresh fruit juices when trying to lose weight and otherwise also. The nutrient-rich juices are easily absorbable and highly beneficial for our health. But it is never the same with the sugary and termed 'healthy' fruit juices found across the shelves in the market. These juices are loaded with added sugar and are highly processed. It is always better to have fresh whole fruits rather than going for these juices and healthy beverages.

  1. Cakes, cookies, and pastries

These are delightful treats and always great to enjoy at any time. But, do you know how unhealthy these treats are and the damage they can do to your weight loss efforts and otherwise?

Cakes, cookies, and pastries are loaded with added unhealthy sugar and refines carbs. Many of these also contain trans fats that are dangerous to our health in many ways. They are loaded with high calories and zero nutrients. 

  1. Chips and crackers

Loaded with added salt, sugar, fats and artificial flavorings, chips and crackers are one unhealthy food that has nothing in them except empty calories. These are also highly processed foods and can do tons of harm to our health and weight loss regime. If you truly want to snack on something, go for healthy nuts, nut trails, carrots sticks and alike.

  1. Low-fat foods sold in the market

When we know that we are eating something low in fat, we tend to eat 30% more than regular intake. This has been confirmed through various studies conducted on the subject. The problem here is that we eat more than required and thwart all our weight loss efforts. Moreover, manufactures while removing fat from such foods, also removes their flavor and nutrients and to compensate the same add artificial flavorings and sweetener that makes these products more harmful.

  1. Ice creams

Store purchased ice creams are all loaded with tons of sugar, calories and artificial flavorings. A small amount now and then is ok at times, but the problems lie when we are just not satisfied and keep eating on and on. It is better to have home-made ice creams made with real fruits, real milk or yogurt with no or very lithe sugar. Although it could be very tempting to eat too much, be mindful of your portions.

  1. Pizzas

Pizzas happen to be one of the most popular fast foods but at the same time, they are amongst the unhealthiest foods. They are not only very high in calories, but are also loaded with unhealthy ingredients like refined flour, sauces, and processed meats. Homemade thin-crust pizzas with real-time veggies and other ingredients are anytime more healthy and enjoyable.

Now you know what foods you need to avoid losing weight successfully, you also must be wondering that what is left for you now to eat. But it might seem to be like that but there are plenty of options to stick to lean and clean eating like vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins, quality carbs, and fats. The only thing that you need to take care of is limiting the portion sizes, use low fat and calories natural foods and makes them into delicious meals and keeps losing weight.