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Over 40? You’ll want to Do These 5 Exercises Every Week

You’ll want to Do These 5 Exercises Every Week
Over 40? You’ll want to Do These 5 Exercises Every Week

Doing regular exercises can really make things go well for you. It not only improves your overall function of the body but helps you to have the right metabolism with a sound mind.  Now as we tend to approach to a certain age one must choose exercises that can uniquely suite his or her body.  This must be in accordance with the capacity and capability of the body especially when you are over 40 years of age.

Today, hereby we will be discussing five of the best exercises that you can try every week if you are above 40.


Yes, you heard me right.  Walking is one of the few unique exercises that can really shape up your body in no time.  It not only keeps your fit and active helping to balance your metabolic activities but also provides your vital organ the strength and capacity to expand and be in the best shape.  Both forms of walking i.e. walking forward and walking backward can really tone up your body.  Walking as an exercise improves the core stability of your calf muscle, tone up your thighs improves cardiac capabilities and the list is endless. You can easily order food online according to calorie chart using Licious coupons.


Please note that it is better to consult your doctor before starting for morning or evening walks if you are suffering from any heart or muscle issues.


As prescribed by many physicians and dietitian Yoga can really work wonders for your health and mentality.  If you are above 40 years of age and going through intensive work pressure throughout the day then Yoga can be the best workout for you.  It not only rejuvenates your body from outside but also cools you down from within.  Different yogic poses look on improving your stability and work directly on your muscle bulk.  It provides you with a lot of flexibility and nurtures your health from within.

The spiritual part of Yoga does indeed provide an immense impact on one’s soul. 


Both single and double leg squatting can do wonders to your health if you include it to your regular exercise regimen.  Squatting involves bending your hips and knees by putting pressure on your legs in contrast to sitting.  This can be performed with a horizontal object such as a chair, tool, and similar objects.

There are around 15 to 17 types of squatting variants available which one can perform.  Squatting not only improves and builds your thigh and calf muscles, but it also tones up your lower portion, provides crunch to the abdomen muscles and improves stamina.  For more info regarding squatting and the best one to choose from consult your physician or trainer for the best outcome.


If you are suffering from back stiffness or back related issues from a very long time and searching for options to move ahead then deadlifts can work great.  This is one of the few exercises which involve the participation of most muscles of your body.  You need to take weight according to your capacity and comfortability as well.

This exercise requires a huge amount of pressure from your back while you perform.  So those suffering from back issues or calf problems must avoid these types of exercises.  Deadlift not only provides strengths to your cuff muscles and thigh and buttock areas but also helps them to tone them up into proper shape as well.  Please note that under the keen observation of the trainer this exercise should need to be performed.


For overall fitness of the body, Planks is one of the finest exercises that most of the trainers recommend and can really work wonders to your health if you are above 40.  Resting on your forearm in a press-up position provide pressure to your glutes and abdomen so that it gets tense straightening your back muscles.  A uniformed pressure must be maintained so that you feel it in your abs.  For building up your abdomen muscles this exercise has no comparison. You can also apply for Health Officer Jobs to know about this field.

The crunching process not only improves the core of your spinal cord muscles but also directly affect the abdomen as well.  Regular practice of this exercise keeps your body in good shape and size.

Thus concluding...

Before you begin with your daily exercise regimen on a daily basis consult your doctor for the do’s and don'ts.