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Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Oats

Nutritional facts and Health Benefits of oats
Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Oats

Oat is a type of cereal grain which has find its position in an everyday breakfast meal. One must have heard the sentence which goes by that a deep bowl of breakfast every day sticks to your ribs. But is there anyone who tried to deduce the condition practically. The fact is the saying mentioned above is very much real. If someone consumes oats daily, they are sure to limit their daily morning snack cravings. The truth is, oats tend to remain in the stomach for a long time; therefore, it prevents one from getting hungry in a short period. This prevents overeating for the entire day. Therefore eating oats daily helps keep a low weight and also maintain the body with the healthy tint of diet. 

1. Oats and fibers

Only half a cup of oats daily is enough to bring a healthy mindset, for the amount of fibre content in oats is a lot. Fibre is the portion which explains the vegetation content in our diet, which the human body is unable to digest. Fibre is an essential element which helps in maintaining the gastrointestinal. Fibre assists in adding bulk to the body, therefore, giving a feeling of fullness. Some of the best dietitian for weight-loss recommends consumption of oats for the weight-loss program. Fibre helps with constipation. 

There are two types of fibre, namely soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre dissolves in the water which we drink. The soluble fibre after getting dissolved into water becomes a gelly like substance and eventually gets fermented by our good bodily bacteria. The insoluble fibre, on the other hand, is responsible for lending the bulk in our system, giving us a fuller feel. The insoluble does pass by any fermentation process by good bodily bacteria. Oats or oatmeals are supposed to contain both the soluble along with the insoluble fibres in it. But the portion of soluble fibre is more in oats. The soluble fibre in oats is present in the form of beta-glucan. 

The soluble fibres, which are present in the oatmeals, are responsible for reducing the content of bad cholesterol in our body by 10-15 %. It happens specifically when soluble fibre is consumed with low-fat diets. Some of the best dietitians in Rajasthan have shown that fibre nor only helps in bad cholesterol reduction but is also helps in reducing blood pressure along with a significant decrease in death rate by cardiovascular disease. 

Now, let us peep into the types of oatmeals one can prepare:

2. Types of oatmeals:

A ground porridge is known as oats meal in colloquial terms. 

I. Steel-cut oat grains is the first variant of oat which we are discussing. This kind of oat grain consists of the whole oat grain, including the oat bran. The process of manufacturing these oats is that they pass through steel cutters chopping them into pieces. 

II. The next in the list of oats is the rolled oats. This kind of oats is de-hulled than steamed. This method partially cooks the oats. After the cooking, they are made flatten between two rolling pins. The rolled oats also goes by the name of old fashioned oats. 

III. The third and the last in this list is the instant oats. The instant oats generally pass the same production method as that of the rolled oats. The only difference in this process is that the steaming time is longer than the rolled oats. The steaming and cooking process is long before they are set to dry. The instant oats come with the addition of a sweetener along with a flavour. 

But one must always remember this, and the less the oats are processed, the more it is suitable for health as suggested by some best dietitian in Haryana. When oats receive more handling methods, the quantity of fibre in the oats reduces. Hence the healthy factor reduces too with it. 

3. Methods to prepare oatmeals:

I. Always prefer adding milk instead of water in oats preparation. With milk comes the added advantage of protein and calcium. 

II. You can add yoghurt in it add some more health benefits(probiotics) in it.

III. Addition of fresh-cut fruits to increase the fibre content is also advisable. Fruits such as apple, banana, strawberries along with blueberries are some great choices. 

IV. You can add nuts, such as olive oil, sunflower seeds, walnuts etc. to add some more health benefits to your oats.

V. To avoid sweetener, add low-calorie sugar substitute in the mix. 

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