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Kid's Food Ideas Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Kid's Food Ideas Get Kids to Eat Healthy
Kid's Food Ideas Get Kids to Eat Healthy

It isn’t that easy as it seems to make kids eat well and healthy, and that too when there is a lot to misguide them everywhere. It is not at all a surprise these days that kids are hooked with chips and candies and chocolates. Moreover, thanks to the modern day advertising, kids are continuously assaulted by the ads everywhere that make such foods the most desirable choices.

As parents, it's our duty and responsibility to ensure that our kids eat healthy and nutritious so that they grow up the same way. Their rapidly growing body needs all these nutrients to function and aid development optimally and developing healthy eating habits in kids. Acclaimed and expert dietician, Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic, shares some vital and easy ways by which we can develop healthy eating habits in our kids and make them eat healthy and live a healthy life.

Let’s look at what she as to share:

  • Never label food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’

Instead, label foods with the activity that they enjoy the most. Say for example they love to actively get involved in sports, tell them repeatedly the importance of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, protein and calcium sources are good for such activities and would help them perform better and make them stand out.

  • Involve your kids in cooking

It is more likely that what kids are involved into they enjoy eating it. Take them along to the kitchen and involve them in activities that they can easily do like bringing vegetables from the refrigerator, helping you with the plate and alike. This creates a factor of knowing and eating food and once they get involved they are for sure going to love helping you and enjoying the same food with others.

  • Keep it small and healthy

It simply means incorporate varieties but in smaller portions. Kids love the idea of choices. There is no need to have a special plate for it. You can serve them in smaller bowls. They would love the idea and surely will try and taste all for their curiosity sake.

  • Make it one at a time

If you are planning to have them more veggies, do it one at a time and see how they react. If they like above the other, make sure that you don’t give them the one they have rejected for a while. Also, try and change the taste, like adding some honey to their carrot dish or some cheese to their broccoli.

  • Camouflage

Most kids love shakes and smoothies. These are a great option to make them have fruits and vegetables in a different and tasty way for kids. Make sure that you make these at home to ensure healthy options and freshness. And, the best part, when they recognize the fruit or vegetable, they would love the idea and make it their habit.

  • Take them along to buy vegetables and groceries

This one, in particular, is a great way grown their interest in healthy and fresh eating. Let them pick their choices. They would for certain pick colorful choices and it is their nature. Create a sense of sharing and belonging by making them to think about the meal roster.

Last but not least – everything starts with you and developing healthy eating habits in kids depends on both parents and kid. You choose to eat, live and stay healthy, the kids are ought to grow up learning the same. Making the kids eat healthy isn’t about sneaking some spinach in their bowl, but it is all about an approach and all of it starts from you. It's an education that lasts a lifetime.