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How to Reduce Side Fat from Top Exercises and Diet?

How to Reduce Side Fat from Top Exercises and Diet
How to Reduce Side Fat from Top Exercises and Diet?

Weight loss or fat loss is a process that critically involves and revolves around two things – perform fat burning exercises and eat healthy and a balanced diet. Although they have been given the cutest of names, there is nothing cute about the side handles or what we call love handles. These are those excessive fats that deposits around the side and often seen hanging out from the top of your pants.

This is one deposition of fat in the human body that is quite difficult to get rid of. All who have this love handles, try to bet rid with various crunches and other moves, but all efforts seem to be made in vain.

Acclaimed and renowned dietician Sheela Seharawat, of Diet Clinic who guide people on how to lose weight fast, says that in order to get respite from love handles there are certain amendments that we need to make in our lifestyle, along with some changes in our dietary intake and get involved with some specific exercises.

In order to know to how to lose weight fast from the side here are some top exercises and dietary guidelines shared by the best dietitian in Delhi:                                 

Top Exercises:

  • Lift Weights: Perhaps engaging in any sort of physical exercise is beneficial in getting rid of love handles, but lifting weights in particular are much more effective. Weight training, also known as strength training or resistance training is a way to build up resistance and strength. This helps the body develop more lean muscles and burn more calories during rest. Along with all of it, weight training gives your metabolism the much needed boost, thereby, burning more calories and lose those love handles.

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  • Involve in exercises that makes the whole body move: Targeting a specific area might seem to be the best, but, making the whole body involved make more sense in losing those love handles much easily. Also, spot training has shown to be ineffective by studies and the best way to lose from the sides is to involve the body into more exercises.
  • Get HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is considered one of the best exercise in losing stubborn body fat. It involves shorter periods of intense Aerobics, followed by rest period. This makes them highly effective in losing fat.
  • Make pilates moves engaging your abs: Pilates is one beginner-friendly exercise method that is beneficial for abs toning. It greatly helps improve flexibility, posture and core strength. Adding pilates workouts to your routine may even help you lose weight and shrink your waistline along with the side handles disappearing in no time.


Dietary Guidelines:

  • Eat more of whole foods: Eating more or whole and unprocessed foods is one of the most effective ways to get rid of side fats. Whole foods includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, fibers and nuts & seeds.
  • Cut back on sugar intake: Healthy eating is the way forward for a healthy and leaner body. Cutting out sugar and processed foods from the diet is perhaps the most effective way. Added sugar can be found in beverages and foods like sodas, sport drinks, candies, cookies, cakes, sauces and baked items.
  • Add more fiber to your diet: Fibers are effective in keeping your fuller for long, thereby, decreasing your hunger and slowing down the digestion. More of foods rich in soluble fibers is a good way to get rid of the love handles in quick time. Soluble fibers can be found in foods like oats, beans, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • Have more of healthy fats: Fatty fishes, avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oils are good examples of healthy fats. They not only are great to taste, but also keeps you stay fuller throughout the day and allows you to consume lesser calories. Even though fats are high in calories themselves, you should take care of incorporating moderate amounts in your daily diet.


Lifestyle Changes:

  • Get good sleep: lack of sleep increases cortisol levels in the body and this can lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep is directly related to conditions of obesity and other health issues. Get proper sleep and let your body do the rest.
  • Be mindful with eating: Mindful eating is a kind of good habit that you need to inculcate within. It let you watch what you are eating and take control of calories, portion size and even let you lose fats. Other aspects of mindful eating are eating slowing, chewing foods, paying attention to hunger and even sitting and eating.