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How to Gain Weight by Changing what you Eat?

How to Gain Weight by Changing what you Eat?
How to Gain Weight by Changing what you Eat?

While there are many amongst us who have been struggling to put on weight. Although this is a problem for the minority, yet have many health issues that are related with being underweight. There could be a lot of factors like genetics or prolonged medications that may be one of the causes, but it does not at all also means that you start gorging on junky and greasy foods all day long. 
The right way that almost all weight gain diets follow is providing the body with more calories than it burns in a day. But, at the same time it is not about any calories, instead good quality natural food that the body can utilize to build mass without any layers of unhealthy fats. The safest and the most productive way is to develop a healthy diet plan. 

Weight Gain Diet and Muscle Building
First the basics – as mentioned earlier that there could be many reasons behind not gaining weight, but the most prevalent and common is genetics. If you are a hard gainer, you need to eat more rather than others. People who gain weight easily have slower metabolism and do not need to eat as often as the ones who are not. 
So, the first step towards gaining weight is to eat every two to three hours and it has to be ensured that it is not just any food. No fast foods, high-carb foods, high-sugar foods and no sweets. Just plain and simple natural and healthy foods, full of calories, proteins and essential fats. 

Starting with a right diet depends upon a lot of factors like age, current weight, height, sex and your lifestyle. All of these because a rough calorie intake could be calculated and you can successfully gain some healthy weight. 

Follow these Golden Rules and get going:
Eat Multiple Meals Daily: This is important because you increase your calorie intake by doing so and the point is to eat more calories than your body burns in a day in order to gain weight.
Eggs and Lean Meats: Eggs and chicken are excellent sources of animal protein, whereas, beans, peas and legumes are of plant sources. With a thoughtful combination of good proteins with carbohydrates and vegetables you can always plan a balanced and healthy diet plan for weight gain.
No unhealthy snacks in between meals: No chips, crisps and other snacks in between meals. These provides you with empty calories and are unhealthy too.
Exercise Moderately: It helps developing muscles and making you hungry at the same time. This will allow your body to intake more calories. 

Listed below are some healthy energy dense foods, just perfect for gaining weight:
Dried Fruits and Nuts: Are nutrition dense, loaded with calories and healthy.
Healthy Fats and Oils: Sesame, Rosemary, Walnut.
Full Fat Dairy Products
Oats, Muesli and Granola
Whole Grain Breads 
Dark Chocolate
Nut Butter
Salmon and other oily fishes
Whole Eggs