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How To Fight Fatigue With Proper Nutrition

How To Fight Fatigue With Proper Nutrition by best dietitian in Delhi Diet Clinic
How To Fight Fatigue With Proper Nutrition

Healthy eating offers good overall health and also helps to avoid several medical conditions. Consuming proper nutrition is very important. A healthy and appropriate diet proves to be beneficial in all ways, whether medical or non-medical, including fatigue. Proper nutrition is vital for the body in every age as your body requires the adequate amount of nutrients to function best and if it does not get continuous nutrients supple, then you will feel sluggish and tired. Sufficient calorie intake is what the body needs to get energy. Fatigue is a condition that is caused by stress or any kind of medication and can be easily treated by eating a diet with proper nutrition. Eating well will help to boost energy levels and also offset extreme tiredness.

Tips to fight fatigue

There are many reasons people become tired; however, there are many ways to rectify this condition too. Fatigue is a feeling of being tired and is a common experience by many people. The leading causes of fatigue include lifestyle habits and personal dietary. However, there is no treatment o fatigue as some lifestyle, and dietary changes can rectify it. The first thing is to understand the causes of fatigue as it will help you to get easy solutions. Below are some tips to fight fatigue:

  • Lack of sleep is also the main cause of fatigue, thus getting proper sleep will help you with this. Exercising daily is also one of the ways to fight fatigue.
  • Increase your physical activity to stay active
  • Keep a check on what you eat as getting the proper nutrition is very important to get energy. Choosing what to eat will help you to fight fatigue as certain foods lead to a feeling of tiredness.
  • Reduce coffee intake
  • Reducing caffeine in your diet will fix your problem of fatigue; some people often feel withdrawal symptoms of fatigue like a caffeine crash.
  • Staying hydrated is important to fight fatigue as dehydration is considered as one of the main cause of fatigue.
  • Manage your stress levels with the help of your loved ones, yoga, meditation and more.

Foods that you choose to eat are essential

Simply eating food is not sufficient as you have to choose well and eat well to be energetic. Eating food in proper quantity is also what you should check as overeating also cause fatigue and also contribute to lethargy. Best dietitian weight loss plan always include foods which keep your energy level high to be energetic. They help us to know that eating certain amounts of foods can help to prevent fatigue. Diverse kind of foods are converted to energy at different rates, also keep this in mind that with some foods you will get quick energy but it will also fade quickly and will leave you depleted. Thus choosing what to eat is very important to fight fatigue. Below we have listed some foods to eat to fight fatigue:

  1. Eat fresh seasonal fruits and veggies

 More fresh the food more nutrients you will receive. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to fight fatigue. Fresh foods contain higher nutrients and avoid having processed fruits and veggies.

  1. Unprocessed foods

Consuming unprocessed foods is the best way to fight fatigue and tiredness. Processed foods are full of preservatives, sodium, Trans fat and other artificial ingredients which drop down your energy levels. So choose unprocessed foods which are full of nutrients that your body needs.

  1. Consume non-caffeinated beverages

Having caffeine is fine but in moderation, as it offers quick energy to your body, but it is short term. Along with caffeine, proper nutrition and balanced meals is needed by your body, or it will run down. Instead of coffee, you can choose black coffee or unsweetened tea. Avoid sodas as it contains sugar and artificial ingredients.

  1. Have lean proteins

Add lean meat to your diet to fight fatigue as lean protein by chicken, fish will offer quality protein and has low saturated fat. Fish is best to eat as it has healthy fats and try to avoid red meats as it has saturated fat.

  1. Have whole grains and complex carbohydrates

Have whole grains along with complex carbohydrates as it guarantees that your body will get full benefits and energy. Avoid processed foods having refined carbs such as sugar and white flour as they lack vital nutrients.

  1. Add nuts to your diet

Adding nuts and seeds are the best way to fight fatigue and offer healthy nutrients and energy to your body. Snacking with nuts offer proper nutrition and help to fight tiredness. You can eat cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts. Consuming unsalted nuts is best and can be proffered as mid-day snacks.

  1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential as dehydration leads to fatigue. Water, however, does not offer energy but boost the energetic process in the body. Avoid having sodas, coffee or any other beverage and have water all day. Best Dietitian in India suggests this simple change which makes a big difference.

  1. Daily vitamin intake

Your body needs a daily dose of vitamins and which should b consumed through diet. Though you can have daily vitamin supplements but giving a natural dose of the vitamin is must for your body and which will make you feel energetic.


Best dietitian in Delhi, Sheela Seharawat makes people understand that the best way to be energetic is to make sure that you offer the best food possible for your body. What you it, when you eat and how much you eat have a great impact on your energy levels. Keeping your body fueled is important, but it is better to avoid post-meal coma. Best dietitian weight loss plan includes consuming smaller portions throughout the day and avoiding heavy meals which lead to fatigue and sluggishness. Having excess weight makes you feel exhausted and losing weight will help to be energetic.