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Sleep as considered by many is not at all a waste of time. It is one f the tools that helps the human system thrive. With the pace and demands of the modern lifestyle, is has been observed that we humans are getting much lesser the amount of sleep that our body needs to function optimally from all angles. Long working hours, increased demands and stress contributes as the major factors.

Acclaimed and best Dietitan In India says that we all should get atleast 8 hours of sound and non-disturbing sleep in a day, particularly at night. She also mentions that though every one of us knows how vital it is, hardly a few do care about it. Sleep is the supporting pillar of life. It acts as a rejuvenator of the mind, body and soul. The human body can only perform some key functions when the body and the mind is at rest, which otherwise remains unaccomplished if we do not sleep. This further pushes our body towards numerous health hazards and some of which could turn out to be fatal at times.


Compiled by some of the best dieticians in India, here are some reasons how, the correct amount of sleep can benefit our daily life:

  • Enhanced productivity

Lack of sleep or unable to sleep, both can affect our capabilities the next day. It makes us lazy and tired and thereby we are unable to perform optimally anywhere. It really becomes hard to concentrate and keep our focus on a particular thing and thereby, spend more time doing a thing than in general.

  • You stay heart healthy

One of the most impactful affects of lack of sleep is heart problems and all of it can be attributed to the worsening of blood cholesterol levels and also blood pressure. This can easily be correlated to the occurrence or strokes heart attacks in the early hours of the morning. Getting good sleep will never allow such situations to arise.

  • It helps in the brain functioning

A good night’s sleep allows you to stay more alert and active the next day and it is because sleep acts ass a restorative process of the mind and the body. When we wake u refreshed and rejuvenated, it is more likely that we do something creative. This is a continuous process and being active all through the day will make you tired by the night and you will again get a good night’s sleep.

Along with it, sleeping proper will help improve the memory. When the body rests at night, the brain is working on processing its future plans. It consolidates everything from smells to emotions and primes your mind for whatever information it will need to process the next day. This will allow you to learn and retain information better in your daily life.

  • Sleep helps de-stress

When we are feeling tired and fatigued, we generally get more stressed and irritated. It is all because of lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation puts our body in a state of stress. This manifests itself and causes high blood pressure, which negatively impacts our overall health as well. Also, our body will increase the production of stress hormones. As well as ruining your day, these hormones can keep you awake at night, making the problem even worse. To prevent this vicious cycle, we must try and get good eight hours of sleep at night and help our system and surrounding prosper.

  • It boosts out immunity and we are less likely to get sick

Now we know how sleep affects us in a positive and negative way as well. Where good sleep is the source of every good thing happening to us, it is the same with poor sleep. Sleep is necessary as it directly impacts our body’ s defense mechanism and thus helps us in staying guarded against harmful pathogen – microorganisms that cause harm to us.

We should also be doing more than just this to improve the benefits of a good night's sleep. You want to avoid being tired and sleepy, so try and get to the bottom of your causes of being tired and sleepy.

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