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Can High-Fat Diets Help You Lose Weight fast?

Can High-Fat Diets Help You Lose Weight fast?
Can High-Fat Diets Help You Lose Weight fast?

We all have some misconception of fats. We consider fats are not good for health and are the prime reason behind weight gain and other health issues. As a reason many weight loss aspirants opt for low-fat diets for their purpose.

But do you actually know that you can be missing on many health benefits and even weight loss advantages and the boon of a strong cardiovascular system if you are actually missing out on essential fats. Acclaimed dietician and also been regarded as one of the best dietician in India, Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic says that it was logical to assume that fats are not good for health and all because we are eating too much of it. In the daily strive for good health we attempt to cut out all fats only to learn we are just hurting ourselves. Fortunately it is a new era and we now know which fats to not only cut out - but what we need to include in our diets for better health, free of premature aging and degenerative disease.


Are fats good and aid in weight loss?

Dietician Sheela says that it is quite fortunate for us that the time is changing and slowly people have started believing the benefits of good fats. These benefits are not minimal and extends beyond just the word ‘benefit’. These benefits include anything from regulating blood sugar levels, to improved levels of good cholesterol in the body and reduction of inflammations.

In brief experts say that consumption of healthy fats have three primary benefits:

  • improved absorption of nutrients from the food that we eat
  • helps in maintaining ideal weight
  • improved cognitive functions

Now the most important – eating fats will never make you fat. In fact, many studies and researches conducted on the subject suggests that a diet rich in fats can actually help you lose weight. It is sugar that is responsible for our weight gain and not fats. This happens because it is the excess of sugar that the body stores as fats. So, now you see that when you gorge on your favorite cake or candy, it gets converted into fat and gets stored in the body making you gain weight. But, at the same time if you consider seriously on reducing the intake of carbohydrates and convert pour focus on healthy fats and the body will learn to use fat for energy and not sugar. A diet high in fat also helps in staying full for longer and keeps you away from unnecessary binging.


The long term impact of high fat diet

It is true that a diet high in saturated and trans fat increase the cholesterol levels and thereby the chances of heart diseases, whereas, a diet high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats does just the opposite – reduces the risks of any heart ailment.

When it is a matter of weight loss and that too in a healthier way, the focus should be to lose fats and not only weight. Eating a diet high in fat helps the body to use these fats as its source of energy and thereby there is no chance that the carbohydrates gets converted into sugar and then fats and gets stored in the body causing weight gain.

Moreover, simultaneously the focus should also be on having enough proteins and fibres along with high fat diets to be more effective and yield long term results.

Consuming essential fats are being more recognized each day as an important health factor. We already noted some of the benefits above. So what more could there be? Add to those health benefits the fact that consuming the healthy fats can stabilize blood sugar. When regularly consumed, you will feel fuller and more satisfied longer so you eat less with fewer cravings and less fatigue. In addition, including these fats into your daily diet will have anti-aging effects on your skin, hair and hormonal system. Essential fats also have detoxifying properties.