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Best Foods To Include In Diet For Kidney Stones

Best Foods To Include In Diet For Kidney Stones
Best Foods To Include In Diet For Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in the kidney, and the time the stone stuck in two ureters, which are tubes that carry urine patients experience severe pain. It is just a size of sand or gravel and can be as large as a pearl. Whether small or large, if the stone stops urine, it causes immense pain.

Sometimes stone breaks automatically and travels through the urinary tract without any pain. There are different types of kidney stones, counting calcium phosphate, uric acid, calcium oxalate, and cystine. All of all these calcium oxalate stones are common among all. Best dietitian In Delhi suggests some food choices to avoid kidney stones. Let us know them in detail. 

Preventing kidney stones 

If you ever had a kidney stone, you will work for sure you cannot forget the unbearable pain it causes. Preventing kidney stones is a complicated task, but it takes some determination. You can prevent kidney stones by preventing the conditions that support their formation. For this, you need to take some important steps regarding what you eat and in how much quantity. 

Treatment of kidney stones 

However, most kidney stones pass in the urine on their own without causing any kind of pain or discomfort. There are many medications also which help to pass the stone easily to move through the urinary tract. People having kidney stones problem are also at greater risk of them coming back. So people having this problem should take care of their diet to prevent them. 

Steps to follow to avoid kidney stones 

Stay hydrated 

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is the most important thing to lower your risk of getting them. You should at least drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Try to avoid sugary drinks, including fruit drinks, soft drinks, tea, and coffee, as they can increase the risk of kidney stones. You can drink water by adding some pieces of lemon, watermelon, lime or mint leaves.

Limit animal protein

For patients with kidney stones problems. Best Dietitian in India suggests limiting animal protein is a must, and they should avoid eating meat, fish, poultry as well as eggs. Expert recommends only 2 to 3 servings of animal protein on a daily basis, and people should not increase the intake. People having kidney stone problems should choose plant-based protein counting lentils, peas, beans, tofu, seeds, and nuts. 

Limit salt intake 

People having kidney stones should limit their salt intake and choose fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. They can have small portions of unseasoned meat, poultry, fish along with unsalted nuts and seeds. People with kidney stones problem should also avoid packaged foods, fast foods, as well as restaurant meals as all of them, are high in sodium. Just select low sodium options to consume as they are best for you. The best alternative for salt is to use herbs, spices, seasonings, lemon, garlic, ginger, and pepper.

Have calcium-rich food 

The best dietitian In Delhi for weight gain, recommend people with kidney stone problems to eat calcium-rich foods in place of taking supplements. Some calcium-rich foods include milk along with other dairy products, tofu, soy, orange juice and fish canned with bones. 

Avoid stone-forming foods 

The best way to treat and prevent kidney stones is to eat Oxalate-Controlled Diet to avoid calcium oxalate kidney stones, which is the most common type of kidney stones. Oxalate is a compound that is naturally present in numerous foods. There are many stone-forming foods which should be avoided by people with kidney stone problems:
  • Beets
  • Chocolate
  • Spinach
  • Rhubarb
  • Tea
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Nuts
  • Colas 
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks

Limiting intake of above-listed foods may be beneficial for people who have calcium oxalate stones, which are the most common type of kidney stone. It is better to eat and drink calcium foods along with oxalate foods during a meal. Both calcium and oxalate food will bind together and will offer no damage before going to kidneys. 

Add rice bran to your diet

High fiber diets reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, and as per the study if a person takes 10 gm of fiber on a daily basis; it reduces its risk of about 80 percent of stone formation. Including rice bran in your diet is the best option to get fiber. 

Losing weight is must

Losing excess weight is best for overall health, and it also reduces the risk of kidney stone formation as per the best dietitian in Delhi. Consult health experts to get a healthy weight safely. 

Increase your citric acid intake

Citric acid is mainly found in many fruits and vegetables, and specifically, lemon and lime are the best sources. Citric acid is responsible for helping naturally to prevent kidney stones. It helps to bind with calcium in the urine and reduce the risk of new stone formation. Citric acid also binds with existing calcium oxalate crystals and prevents them to get larger in size. Have more citrus fruits in your diet to get the most out of it. 


 Kidney stones are a very painful condition, and diet is the most effective tool to prevent it. It can also help me managing kidney stones. Studies confirm that having even one stone significantly increases your chances of having another. If you’ve had a kidney stone, the first thing to do is to consult and ask your doctor and which type it was. You should then consult the best dietitian In Delhi to get Oxalate-Controlled Diet to avoid them. Do visit Diet Clinic today and get your best diet plan.