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How pollution is affecting our skin and how can we prevent it

Pollution Diet Tips
How pollution is affecting our skin and how can we prevent it

How pollution is affecting our skin and how can we prevent it

Pollution is one thing that has its effect on everything starting from plants, buildings and also humans. Our skin is one part get exposed to this torture every moment, every day. The toxins and the harmful chemicals present in the air have full potential to penetrate the layers of skin and cause potential damage to it. The toxins and pollutants entering our body through our skins are capable of causing chemical oxidation which further leads to the creation of harmful and free radicals.

These radicals move freely within our body and damage our cells in return, and since cells are the building blocks of the body, our skin starts looking aged, wrinkled and dull. Pollution is everywhere, outside and even at home. Exposure to pollutants though is not possible fully, but certain changes in our habits, diet and lifestyle can minimize its harmful effects on our skin and body.

Here are a few useful tips that we can undertake to ensure that are skin stays fresh and young and looks glowing-

  • Food choices are the best way to have stronger, resilient and young looking skin. Intake of healthy and nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, fish and eggs are essential for the skin. Food rich in vitamin C improves the core functions of your skin, thereby slowing down the aging process and protect against harmful external pollutants.

Water is a natural cleanser, hence, good intake of water is also essential.

  • Cleanse your skin regularly to draw out impurities from the skin. It also helps in the extraction of harmful chemical and pollutants from the skin tissues. Try homemade and herbal remedies for better results. Products like corn starch, activated charcoal and olive oils are good for skins.

  • Daily exercises and physical activities not only burns out fat but also makes you sweat out impurities from your body.

  • Plant trees around you, in your backyard or garden. Plants and trees helps in cleaning the air around

  • Treat your skin with regular use of skin moisturizers and anti-aging creams leaves your skin soft and glowing.