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Best health tips to stay fit this Diwali

Best health tips to stay fit this Diwali

Diwali is perhaps the most awaited festival in India, particularly in the Northern parts of the country. The festival of lights that marks the victory of good over evil brings in joy, celebrations, fun and feast in the hearts of all.

Diwali is a time to let lose your spirits over sweets and festivity foods. Every house prepares and shares their specialties and everywhere you go, you are greeted with sweets. It also the time, when you generally spoil our health with binge eating all the day and later repent on falling back on all the hard work that we have done in the gym.

This Diwali you don’t have to worry much about your health and stay fit amongst all the festivity flavors with Diet Clinic’s Diwali Health Tips.

  • At the first go, do not focus on losing weight during the festivity days, rather pay attention on eating healthy and staying happy. Don’t diet during the phase, rather eat in moderation.
  • If you are attending a dinner or a feast don’t starve prior. This will make you overeat, rather eat some light snacks before leaving.
  • Try to engage yourself in light exercises whenever possible. A light stroll, or may be light jogging will do the trick.
  • Whenever preparing festivity food for yourself and the family, use healthier alternatives to prepare the food.
  • Avoid eating fatty stuff, instead look for low fat and low calorie that tastes great.
  • Always eat your food slowly. This will keep your fuller longer and you will eat less.
  • Choose your drinks carefully. Avoid alcohol as much as you can and prefer more of fresh juices and lemon sodas.
  • Last, but not the least. Don’t make food your best friend this Diwali. Enjoy with family and friends rather than food.