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7 Summer Fruits That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

7 Summer Fruits That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet
7 Summer Fruits That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

Whether you agree to it or not, summer is still the best season to enjoy and holiday around. When we say so, we must say that it is the best times for warm weather, beaches, parades, barbecues, and the best of all - great seasonal fruits!!

Summers offers a lot of fresh and healthy fruits in bounty like strawberries, mangoes, watermelons, peaches and guava. Expert dietician and founder member of Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat has to that that it is the summers that we all should head for the farmer’s market and pick up the best locally grown fruits.

Weather as a snack in the evening in between meals or as an addition in your favorite dessert pudding, fruits are just the best during summers, as it not only tastes refreshing but also makes us refreshed and healthy. Also as a part of a healthy and balanced diet, three to four servings of fresh fruits should always be an essential part. Moreover, during the summers, fruits helps us stay dehydrated and keeps us cool.


Listed below are seven op summer fruits that should be a ‘must’ in our daily diet:

  • Papaya: This power packed fruit is a host of valuable nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy and hydrated during the summers. Everything in papaya is great – the skin, pulp and the seeds. The pulp inside is a rich source of pro-vitamin A carotenoids, B vitamins, lycopene, vitamin c and dietary fibre. The skin and the seeds contains phytochemicals and natural phenols. A great fruit to give you the much required dose of anti-inflammatory elements, helps against asthmatic attacks and keeps the bowel movements regulated.
  • Mango: This is one fruit that everyone waits. Despite the scorching heat and the unbearable sun, there is one thing everyone enjoys, is the king of fruits – mangoes. Mangoes are typical summer fruits that is available in abundance during the hot weather. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it also is a good source of magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorous and iron. All these works together in providing the right mix of needed nutrients the body needs to stay on top of conditions. It is the best fruit in summers for a glowing and healthy skin and even prevents cancers.

Nutritional Value of Mango

  • Watermelon:

Watermelons are refreshing treat during the summer months. The water content helps keeping hydrated and boosts a great mood in the hot weather, along with sharpening the brain and gives a boost in energy. Watermelon contains powerful antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals that eliminates toxins out of the body, makes the kidneys powerful, and reduces skin rashes and other skin problems. Eating watermelon during summers can keep you full longer and reduces your sweet cravings.

  • Blueberries: Blueberries are at their best when they are fresh. It is not a fluke that this fruit is called as a superfood, as it supplies the human body with tons of benefits. Blueberries contain vitamins A, B, C and E, zinc, iron, flavonoids, magnesium, manganese, and anthocyanin, phosphorous and copper. It helps boost the immunity, protects against infections in summers, reduces bloating and belly fat, boosts memory and helps in improving digestion.
  • Pears: A universally popular fruit is also known for its thousands of varieties and is a rich source of natural fiber. It is also a rich source of chromium – a much needed mineral essential for the body to metabolize fats, proteins and carbs. Although being such a vital summer fruit, it is much less talked about. It has almost the same goodness as apples.
  • Grapes: Although they arrive late during the summers, it’s still a summer delicacy. Grapes are a good source of soluble and insoluble fibers, carbs, natural sugar, vitamins, minerals and more. The best part is that grapes are high in folic acid that makes our immune system the strongest and increases our life expectancy.
  • Cherries: Another fruit that falls in the superfood category arrives only during the summers. Cherries are loaded with the goodness of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers. The best part with cherries is its anti-inflammatory properties that is very effective for people with joint pains from arthritis and in addition to it maintains proper heart beats and sleep cycle of our body.