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5 Tips for Running in the Summer / Winter

5 Tips for Running in the Summer
5 Tips for Running in the Summer / Winter

The preference of weather is absolutely personal and geographically conditioned. Places where summers are intense, people prefer going out for running during the winter as they can go a mile extra and then cool down with a galls of water and vice versa for people living in winter places.

But, what if you have to go out in the winter in a colder location and in summers in a hot weather. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic, also regarded as one of the best dietician in India, shares you us some tips for people going out running in summers and winters to stay fit and benefit the best out of the efforts.


Tips on Winter Running:

  • Change and adjust your time: If you run early morning, try and change that and run during the latter part of the day so that there is enough sunlight to keep you warm. Early morning and night running is not good because you might not be able to see much due to fog or poor sunlight.
  • Dress Well: Your dressing is one of the most important things that you should consider. When it comes to winters you need to change your dressing. Make sure that the layer closest to your skin is made of synthetic material which will keep away the sweat from your body.
  • Warm up ahead: Move around inside enough to get the blood flowing without breaking a sweat. Run up and down your stairs, use a jump rope, or do a few yoga sun salutations. The cold doesn’t feel so cold when you’re warm.
  • Have flexible pace and distance: Winter running is more about maintenance miles than speedwork, In very cold weather, look for “inversions,” places that are elevated and where the air will be warmer. If you can’t run in the middle of the day when the temperatures are warmest, run twice a day - half in the morning and half in the evening.
  • Eat well: Eat healthy and warming foods that will keep you warm from inside. There are a lot of winter foods that can keep you warm, but you sick as well. Therefore, choose wisely and have a well-balanced diet.


Summer Running Tips:

  • Avoid the heat and stay hydrated: Run in early morning or later in the evening, once the sun has set. Select a street which has more trees. It will keep you cool. When running in the heat, your body tries to lower your core body temperature by sweating more. This causes you to lose fluids and minerals like magnesium or iron. Even a small change in your fluid balance can lead to major performance losses. Stay well hydrated.
  • Dink All Day: Hydrating doesn't meant sucking down a quart of water five minutes before heading out the door. You have to hydrate continually throughout all of your waking hours. Sip enough water all day long so that you are peeing about every half hour to hour (your urine should be a pale yellow color).

On runs over an hour, bring along a health drinks or other supplement with carbs and electrolytes to boost sodium levels.

  • Mind Your Outfit: Also, the right workout clothes can protect your skin from sun rays, even better than some sunscreens. Go for a loose fit and moisture-wicking materialsto prevent heat from building up under your clothes. Choose light colors. They reflect the sunlight and don’t store the heat. A cap or light scarf can protect your head while keeping your face in the shade. Last but not least, wear sunglasses with UV filter.


  • Defend your skin from the sun: Cover all skin parts exposed to the sun with waterproof sunscreen (due to the sweat). The sun protection factor (SPF) tells you how long the sunscreen extends your skin’s own natural protection time. How much sunscreen you need depends on your skin type, the time of day and UV levels. Don’t forget to rub some on your neck, the back of your knees and your ears!
  • Have a good diet: A well-balanced diet with more of summer cooling foods is a must. A good diet will always help you stay more energetic and hydrated. Eat more fruits and vegetable with natural water contents like watermelon and cucumber.

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