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Running a race could be a lot of fun and excitement, although not to mention that it imposes immense pressure on the legs of the runner. When athletes are running their races, muscles burn, feet aches, the heart pumps and the lungs longs for breath. There are a lot of common problems that many aspiring athletes face in their career, hence it is important that you know and attend them.

Acclaimed and expert dietician and nutritionist, who has been advising people on healthy way of living through diet and nutrition says that all problems and injuries and aches faced by runners are not related to their sports.

Noted below are the five most common problems faced along with the possible reasons and the ways how we can prevent them:

  1. Heartburn

As per best Dietitian in Delhi It is a common problem that many athletes/runners face before, after and during their run. This happens mainly because the gastric juice leaks from the stomach and gets into the esophagus, which further results in the burning sensation at the chest zone.

The best way to avoid the same is to avoid any such triggering foods like caffeine, citrus fruits and juices, chocolates, mint and alike that propagates the issue. Instead have foods that can be easily digestible and that too atleast two hours prior to running.


  1.  Headaches

 This type of headache is actually tension headache when during running the neck muscles and upper back tightens and the tension is further relayed to the face and the head. Many runners reports that their heads pounding after the race is over.

To avoid such thing to happen it is better that you do shoulder and neck rolls and practice self-messaging. Keep shaking your arms before and during the race for once or twice in a while. This will immensely help relieving tension on the shoulder and neck during the run.


  1. Feeling overly fatigued and weary

Running is not as easy as it seems. It is quite normal for everyone to feel fatigue after a long race. But, if you are getting totally exhausted and weary, there are possibilities that you might be running deficient of iron in your body.

Iron is critical for the production of hemoglobin, and it is this hemoglobin that transfers oxygen through the blood to the muscles. So, if you are running deficient of iron, you have less hemoglobin, less transporting oxygen to the muscles and lesser energy to run a race. Iron supplements and iron rich foods like fish, poultry, red meat and green leafy green should be a part of your regular diet to avoid any sort of iron deficiency. Also get more vitamin C in your diet as it aids in god absorption or iron in the body.


  1. Abdominal pain

In general when you experience pain in your abdomen, it might be because of gas and bloating. But, during an intense physical activity like running, the blood flow from the abdomen diverts towards the legs, thereby, it diminishes the amount of blood required in the digestion process.

As a runner if you have been experiencing such an issue, eat smaller meals before your running and stop filling your stomach. Also avoid having foods like dairy and beans as these leads to the buildup of gases in the stomach and maintain a minimum of three hours gap between your meal and running.


  1. Having trouble breathing after the run

Having trouble breathing after a run is a common problem faced by many runners. And this could be followed by coughing, which is a type of heavy activity induced asthma. Running is a heavy exercise and we breathe heavy because of it. In the process, instead of warn air, dry and cold air rushed in to the lungs. And this is the main reason why you cough and face difficulties in breathing.