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10 Healthy High-Protein Breakfasts Less Than 300 Calories

10 Healthy High-Protein Breakfasts Less Than 300 Calories
10 Healthy High-Protein Breakfasts Less Than 300 Calories

One of the biggest mistakes we do almost every day is to skip breakfast. Perhaps the fact is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are a dieter, breakfast is the most important aspect of your regime. This is one meal that greets your day with tons of energy and fullness to help you ride relentlessly throughout the day.

Acclaimed and exert dietician, Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic explains, that breakfast is no doubt the most crucial meal for all of us and we should never avoid it, but at the same time, it has to be a well-rounded one. She further explains that a well-rounded breakfast is the one that has the perfect balance of right amounts of proteins, fats, complex carbs and fats. And, above all, protein is the key. It is perhaps the most critical part as it supplies us with the energy, along with keeping us agile, alert, focused and attentive. And above all, it helps us stay full till our next meal without making us feel hungry.

At times it could be difficult to pack our breakfast with enough protein, particularly when we are packing our meal with carb-rich foods like cereal and bread. Let's look at these top ten protein-rich foods that you can try and make sure that you get enough proteins and are also 300 calories or less.

1# Cottage cheese with some fruits

Cottage cheese is a protein-rich food and only half a cup delivers more than 12 gms of proteins. It is also a great source of amino acid, leucine, which plays an important part in the repair and building of our muscles. Just ensure that you get a low-sodium and a low-fat variety and have it for breakfast with some fresh fruits. You can even enjoy it by adding some to your porridge or oatmeal. 

2# Simple scrambles eggs with black beans

Make your breakfast scrambles eggs more interesting by adding some peppers, cheese, and black beans into it. Black beans add a healthy dose of protein to the already rich eggs along with antioxidants and fibers. The peppers will boost your immunity with an additional dose of vitamin C.

3# Fruit and protein-rich smoothie

Smoothies are great for breakfast, and what else could be greater than a fruit and protein smoothie. Put some fruits like cherries or banana or even some berries or all together, add a cup or two of milk and churn in a blender. For the extra protein dose, add a cup of Greek yogurt and some whey protein.

4# Cereals high in protein

There are different kinds of cereals, while some are made with grains that have almost zero proteins, there are some which have nuts and seeds and also added soy proteins. Pick the ones with proteins and added fibers. These cereals will add to your healthy dose of proteins and fibers without adding calories to you.

5# Salmon

Yes, we are talking about having fish for breakfast. Salmon, especially smoked is a delicacy for breakfast in many countries and not only this. It adds a heavy dose of protein plus heart-healthy omega-3 into the body, right at the start of the day. You can add them into your omelets or out some in a whole wheat bread sandwich and enjoy it.

6# Quinoa porridge

Quinoa comes under the whole grain category, are tiny seeds enriched with the greatest powers of protein. It is another porridge option just like the ones we make with oats every morning and enjoy. Make it more interesting by adding a few nuts and fruits. The measures of calories are well below 300 calories.

7# Scrambled eggs on toast

Eggs are one of the easiest breakfast ideas and also very popular. Eggs are always the favorite breakfast food around the world and are also a high source of quality proteins. Avoid the yolk ad you can go calorie-free with eggs. Add some scrambled eggs on a toasted whole wheat bread slice and enjoy it every morning.

8# Oats with nuts

This no-cook version of oats is a great way of adding a healthy dose f protein into the body. Take equal quantities of oats and milk and put it into your refrigerator overnight and allow it to soften. The next morning you will just have to take it out, sprinkle some extra protein in the form of nuts and seeds and arm it up a bit in the micro. You can even enjoy it cold.

9# Greek yogurt with berries

Greek yogurt itself is a high protein food. Adding items like raspberries and granola make it super rich with proteins and very low in fats and calories. The berries itself are good sources of vitamins and fibers.

10# Peanut butter on toast

On a whole-wheat toast or waffle, sit some of your favorite nut butter and enjoy a high protein breakfast along with healthy fats and loads of vitamins. Eating it regularly will also boost your heart health and aid you in weight loss. You can ever some of your favorite nut butter in your smoothies for breakfast and make sure that you have enough proteins for your breakfast.

Healthy breakfast is the key to a healthy day ahead. The basic formula for a healthy breakfast is simply pairing complex cabs with healthy proteins. While the carbs provide the body with the needed energy kick-off and the brain with the fuel it needs, proteins add power to take on the day and keep you full and satiated.